The Aliens Invaded Bounce!

It was 7.30 P.M on 11th February 2020. The Aliens invaded Bounce! at Infinity Mall, Malad. What happened next?

Everyone assembled near the locker room area where we queued up to get wrist-bands and socks. We were given basic instructions by the Bounce team about precautions to be taken before we were good to go.

At the training area, the Bounce team made the Aliens go back to school with basic physical warm-up exercises. And after 10 odd minutes of panting and loosening up our joints, we entered the world of trampolines!

In the first 30 minutes, everyone was playing volleyball on trampolines. Aliens were literally flying across the play area.

After that, we moved on to another play zone where many of us turned into noobie acrobats and managed to do somersaults and flips. The energy amongst the Aliens was at its peak even after continuously bouncing for 45 minutes!

Then we reached the infamous X-Park where the gang got divided into different zones, some were trying to get over obstacles, while others were stuck trying to get through the monkey bars. After thousands of failed attempts at various levels, very few managed to successfully finish the obstacle course without cheating.

After X-Park, we dispersed to different play areas and enjoyed every last minute of our jumping journey. Fast forward to another half an hour. By this point, half the members of our team were too tired to move a muscle, we had been bouncing for more than an hour and a half by now!

In the last few minutes, everyone captured the memories by taking selfies and videos of the amazing place. But just like every good thing, our time at Bounce was coming to an end. However, the Bounce Team had one last surprise for us! They performed amazing tricks as a sweet farewell gesture.