How to choose a tattoo design which will go easy on your pocket

Do you love tattoos? Are you worried about how much do tattoo costs? Whether the cost of the tattoo will fit in your budget or not?

I am sure you must have read or heard of a quote, "good tattoos aren't cheap, cheap tattoos aren't good," It's also hanging in most of the tattoo studios if you have ever visited one. You may also have friends and people around you, who brag about how expensive their tattoo is? Let me attest to the above quote that it is very true. Tattoos are costly, and there are tons of reasons for such high tattoo prices in India or for that matter all over the world, you can read about it here why the tattoos are expensive

So why am I writing this blog post if I only were to confirm that tattoos are expensive? Well, let me put forth another perspective here; Not all tattoos are expensive :)

The most common online inquiries/questions we get are - what is the tattoo price in India? Tattoo price per inch or 1 inch tattoo cost? How much tattoo cost? How much does the average tattoo cost? some ask for tattoo price list. All these above questions do tell us that people find tattoo expensive and they are trying to find the cheapest tattoo studio or an artist -- which is not a great idea to do

There are numerous ways to quote a tattoo; some people charge as per hours, some as per size. However, most of it boils down to one, and the only thing, How complex is your tattoo design? The higher the complexity of the tattoo design, the higher the skill set required to do the tattoo, the higher the cost of the skillful artist, and also more often the intricate tattoos require more time, so higher price.

As far as my experience goes as a world-renown tattoo artist for more than a decade now, I have seen a common trait in my clients; they always want to get a tattoo that is already done on someone, like a copy of it. And, if that tattoo happens to be expensive, they ask us to do it in a smaller size, which is forbidden in my tattoo studio :)

A good tattoo artist will do a good tattoo. However, a great tattoo artist will always save you money with the right guidance and an extra-ordinary tattoo. He will always educate you with the trend and how the best possible tattoo can be done keeping the tattoo price to the lowest.

My team and I always love to educate them, do a proper consultation, and try to understand the core reason for getting a tattoo. Also, a good consultation helps my clients to understand more about themselves, and they realize that their tattoo design can be much more than what they came up with, something of which really matters to them, rather than just copying somebody's idea of design, or reducing the tattoo size to fit the budget.

How do you choose the tattoo design which will fit in your budget? Well, let me share a few facts which will reduce your tattoo cost drastically.

Let me start with the most important one.

Choose a well-known tattoo studio

This is very important. A good tattoo studio will have a team of great tattoo artists with a diverse portfolio, each specializing in unique tattoo style, along with an excellent team of designers and counselors. Also, you have to check their Google and Facebook reviews, see what other customers have to say about them. A well-established tattoo studio will give you a range of tattoo artists to choose from, which majorly affects your tattoo cost.

Choose simplified tattoo designs

There are tons of different tattoo styles which are very cost-effective

- Minimal Tattoos

This genre of tattoos looks very beautiful, creative, and elegant. A lot of people think that it is for only women, but that's not true; it's for both men and women. As this style requires less amount of time, the tattoo making price will be low. You can explore minimalistic tattoos here

- Custom Calligraphy Tattoos

My experience and many online researches testify that people get a tattoo to show love and affection to their closed ones. If that's the case, choose a lettering tattoo over a complex one. For Eg: you can write a beautiful initial/initials or name or some quotes instead of getting a portrait tattoo. Both are going to pass on the message and emotion; both will put the same impact, but vary drastically in terms of cost.

Check out some of the best calligraphy tattoos done here.

- Lineart / Dotwork Tattoos

It is one of the most in-demand styles and yet being it very cost-effective. This style of a tattoo can be the tiniest in size or can be whole back or big bodysuit. Lineart / Dotwork Tattoos fit every demand, every size, and every pocket. This skill requires a higher skillset, so you have to choose your artist or studio wisely. Explore this style here.

Avoid Realistic Tattoos if you have a tight budget

Realistic tattoos or 3D tattoos require a very skillful artist. It is the most difficult style of tattoo art. Every artist from every corner of the city claims to be a realism tattoo artist; however, there are only a handful of those across the globe who bring true justice to this style. These artists are expensive, very expensive, so avoid this style if you have a tight tattoo budget. I happen to be one of those; please feel free to see my portfolio here

Consider junior artist trained under a great mentor

All great artists were once juniors, upcoming artists. I always recommend getting a tattoo from his/her junior artist, who is trained under him/her. These junior artists do commendably well, deliver way more than expected at a very affordable cost. Also, if you choose any of the above tattoo styles and keep the tattoo design simple, the outcome from the top artist and junior will be almost the same because of the lower skill set required.

Don't choose big bulky tattoos with a tight budget

If you are one of those (mostly men) who crave for big bulky tattoos on the bicep or the back with a tight budget, you are not alone. There are tons of researches online about how people regret the tattoos they got because they didn't turn out to be as expected. You got to think twice before you get it from any Tom, Dick, and Harry :) Often you will land up getting a regretful tattoo, stop yourself right there. Don't do it; you are not going to be less of a man by not having one.

Instead, explore more tattoo styles!

I suggest you look into line-art / dotwork style large tattoos, they look so beautiful, on both, men and women. This style is in trend, a great tattoo artist of this genre would create a phenomenal design for you, and your tattoo will cost much cheaper than any realism / 3D bulky tattoos.

I wrote this blog post specially to bring you awareness about tattoo pricing and how you can plan your first / next tattoo keeping the cost low, without compromising on the quality of tattoo work. I highly recommend you to do enough research on tattoo studios and their artists, check their portfolio and consult a few before getting your tattoo. Be as forthcoming as possible about your budget and let the tattoo artist suggest a design for you.

I would love to hear from you if you have any queries or suggestions about this blog.